Our mission

House of Orenda is an inspiring celebration of creativity and analytical approach which speaks a different language with its diverse portfolio.

Our approach

Our dedicated team with experts in each area of Branding, Marketing and Advertising uses its skills to make a statement that stimulates the senses.

Be-spoke Branding and Marketing Solutions

  • 01The Beginning

    One often wonders about the road not taken. It has been a fernweh’s desire to bring to life a concept of imagination and excellence that tells a thousand stories without saying a single word. We saw the bend in the road and decided to take the turn instead of changing our route. An ounce of perception made a pound of difference.

    House of Orenda is a result of late night wanderings, tea talks and shared enthusiasm which strives towards recapturing the interaction between people and their space and what they love.

  • 02What are We Devoted to

    We are devoted to find joy and creativity in intricate combination of business results and a remarkable brand recall. It will make you feel. We believe that through the right tapping of experiences a brand offers to its consumers, it can reach the inner world of a person. It can then inspire and create a 'personality' within a person. This is how we approach and strategize our ideas and concepts.

  • 03What's our Inspiration

    A dream told us to find the product in a dream. Our whimsical wanderings finally bit the dust by giving birth to a rather sophisticated approach and style of making a product /service /commodity unique that stands for the unique persona of the consumer itself. Our Brand approach is a love-child of passion and creativity that invites contemplation.

  • 04What we Do

    Every brand at House of Orenda undergoes several drafts and thought processes to make sure what we see and experience is absolute and contents the exquisite taste. Each brand we take on-board is approached with a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact that contemplates the mind and is aesthetically pleasing. Every creation is a work of art- mind and heart working as one with a soul in the product/service which is born as a unique and interesting conversation material that brings you results.

Komal Sabharwal

Founder, Marketing and Brand Specialists

“I celebrate myself and sing myself, And what I assume you too assume,For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.”

When we say we live in this world, we very much live with the world. I feel anyone who has had a life of sumptuous experiences is worth listening, worth emulating and worth knowing. I may come across as an experienced-too-deeply sort of a person. I talk with that voice; a surrealist involved in deconstruction.

I am a tireless seeker of art, occasional inquisitor of wisdom, and also, coincidentally a woman with many interests. On the wings of worth and valor, I seek to embrace luck and gain favor.

“Creativity about life, in all aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”

In as circuitous a reason as a philosopher would give, my school of thought is reliant on schooling my own thought - thoroughly and regularly. I am a woman of enthusiasm and flavor, the bubbles in the champagne of life.

I manage to take time out and pursue all my interests, namely- craft, calligraphy, dance et al.; for what I love to do and what brings me happiness is beyond the vagaries of perception, emotion or anything temporal.

Well crafted Brands and labels fascinate me, for they are built on a philosophy that carries substance. I get excited about building new things, making things work, at the idea of “ideating” about something- profoundly, intensely; finding a new voice or sense for it. It invigorates me when something cohesive comes out of so many diverse factors put together. That's what I put into my work.

“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”

We love to find simple & original solutions to complex challenges

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